Where are We?

Student | Marissa Giordano
Faculty | Dean Sidaway
School of Design, Undergraduate Fashion Design

My thesis collection demonstrates the ways in which we can use second-hand garments and deadstock / vintage fabric in order to create something new.

In progress lineup of all looks
This image is the in progress lineup of all of the final pieces making up each look. Although in progress, it highlights the various techniques I demonstrate in each look.

With the idea that textiles define the various stages of our lives, the technique of upcycling and creating a more sophisticated ode to DIY culture creates these randomized and gestural shapes throughout the collection. Overall. the concept is about the little impacts we make on each other’s lives and how through fate, memory, and human connection we are meant to be experiencing a collective interpretation of life.

The fabric board highlights the concept of why materiality and textiles are important to the development humans go through within our lifetime.
Initial inspiration for shape as well as topstitch techniques with a nostalgic feel
Insight into three garment process fittings and what the final outcome came to be
Playing with texture and material in order to create shape that is consistent in various areas of the design