Wearable Space: Soft Sustainable Habitation Prototypes for Homelessness

Student | Shan Lu
Faculty | Nina Freedman
Interior Design, Graduate

Wearable habitations and spaces are created for homeless people through reusing discarded fabrics. 

 Three spatial strategies, Multi-scaled Patterns, Collage Clothing, and Elastic Joints, which are inspired by the process of making textiles and clothing, are used to explore the belief that space is the threaded geometric body.

The scale of clothing and scraps are much smaller than the size of the spaces. Therefore, discarded fabrics will be sewn into large collage clothing, which is the raw material to fabricate the wearable and portable habitations. The habitations will be displayed in a showroom where every spatial element is made of discarded fabrics.
Space is treated as a threaded geometric. Columns and beams are skeletal armatures wrapped by discarded fabrics.