Vieques Community Hostel and Garden

Students | Evan Hryshko, Qian Zhu, Gwen Lu, Jingyi Liu, Xin Li
Faculty | Calvert Wright 
School of Design, Undergraduate Interior Design

The Vieques Community Hostel and Garden is a resource for both tourists, and the island’s population. Reacting against the island’s unreliable supply of resources, the Hostel incorporates an extensive farm and greenhouse that is able to supply fresh produce year-round. Operated as a community garden, the land would be open to residents of Vieques to take back control of the land. Built within an existing US Naval training base, it was important that this project gave back control of the land to the public to revert the detrimental effects of US Naval intervention.

The Hostel incorporates a variety of programmatic features that promote community involvement. By centralizing the interior section of the community garden via a sunken greenhouse, the focus of the entire building is on local produce, food, and culture. In addition, the large communal kitchen helps engage all hostel’s visitors with the food produced on site. 

The water supply of the building is as self-contained as possible. The green roof allows for filtration of rainwater to be reused as interior greywater, and irrigation for the fields.
The fields grow produce that is native to the climate, and local to the culture.
Materials are also sourced locally to reduce the project’s reliance on imported goods.