Trash Dialogue: Creating Environmental Integration Between Youth and Politicians

Student | Xue Wu
Faculty | Nina Freedman
Interior Design, Graduate

This thesis proposal relocates an abandoned building from the Staten Island Farm Colony to the United Nations Headquarters as a transplanted, and upcycled site for environmental policy change.

 It explores the manipulation of office waste as spatial and experiential material to expose the urgency to politicians, and form a layered connection between politicians and young environmental advocates. By applying a reversed educational system, politicians, rather than adolescents who understand the urgency, will be directly exposed to environmental issues.

The environmental urgency is created by exposing politicians to the poor interior existing conditions. The recycled plastic wall, filled with shredded paper, is simultaneously a lantern in the politicians’ entrance and circulation. Spatial and lighting conditions form contrasts along the recycled plastic wall. 
To achieve sustainable development goals, placing the building in front of the politicians, is the thesis location strategy.
The furniture made with paper waste creates dialogue between the site building and the United Nations General Assembly.
The floor plans aim to create different atmospheres for youth and politicians based on their position on environmental issues.
To educate the politicians, information layers are constituted with material transformation and upcycling sectionally through the floors. 
The original interior conditions are exposed to the politicians, while the youth’s spaces are covered with new materials.