The Origins-Northern California Native American Cultural Center

Student | Ruifei Hou
Faculty | Seth Embry
School of Design, Undergraduate Interior Design

Is a reservation space for native American by utilizing the dead giant sequoia as a base structure. There will be multiple programs in the project that focuses on solving mainly three crises- wildfire; loss of culture; and lack of educational opportunities for indigenous kids. The Local tribe in Sierra Nevada : Mikwok, like many other tribes, was living inside the forest for a long time, the very profound and unique culture from their history was bound tightly with the forest, but nowadays they were forced to leave their origins,  for a more “modernized” lifestyle. Which caused the loss of culture, since they can’t speak their own language, or live with their people. Here, the opportunities are provided for them, to once again bound with the forest, to talk their own language, and share the old myths that come down from their ancestors.

Overall axon drawing.detail see master plan.
Master plan
Ecological drawing-showing the geographic and conceptual idea.
Sections and rendering