The Illuminated Insertion

Student | Hao Wu 
Faculty | Sheryl Kasak
School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

The Illuminated Insertion is a wellness center for clients who are suffering from quarantine fatigue which is caused by isolation and lack of socialization. The primary treatment at this ICWC utilizes the voids of inserted partitions and color overlapping to provide visual healing for clients. The size of the voids is determined by sound, light and or privacy requirements. Privacy and visual controls are explored and interactive partitions are designed to increase the socialization experience. Specific material will be applied and its transparency will vary according to the programmatic requirements.

The blue atmosphere of the meditation room allows guests to calm down and have a short mind break. The meditation room faces the atrium and patients can see the tree in the atrium through the translucent wall as if they were in the middle of nature. The bottom of the wall is made of partially transparent material according to the sitting height, so that people outside can see part of the inside of the meditation room, and it also ensures the privacy of the meditation room. 

Plans and sections show how colors and insertion are used in this center.
Materials, colors and light are explored to present a visual healing for patients.

Atrium sketch model collage
Atrium, from elevator area
Message room on the 11th floor
Rest area on the 11th floor