The Chair of Waste

Student | Yuyang Tian
Faculty | Caleb Crawford
School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

The project aims to transform and readapt wasted materials into a sitting piece in order to bring back the waste materials to the designing process. Consists of the supporting frame and the upholstery, the chair is composed of wood scraps and recycled natural-fiber paddings. This playful, sustainable sitting piece also can form a flexible furniture system with desirable configurations by keeping on adding wasted materials.

The chair made of wood scraps possesses a spontaneous and organic form that emphasizes its unique material quality. The recycled natural-fiber padding added to the sitting area made the piece more comfortable to sit. 

Material collecting and making process.
The first iteration, exploring the manufacturing approach.
The final product.
Possible ways to interact with the piece and different configurations based on users’ needs.