Re-Fit For Adventure: The Chaco Z/1 Classic Sandal

Student | Chelsea Abbey
Faculty | Daniel Penge, Kat Choate
School of Continuing and Professional Studies, SCPS Sustainable Design Certificate Program

This project is a study of the life cycle of a Chaco sandal. To minimize the harmful impacts these shoes have on the planet and people, I have proposed expanding the brand’s ReChaco sandal repair shop to collect damaged life vests and reuse the materials by incorporating them into the shoes and other Chaco gear items.

Diagram of the Chaco sandal’s components
A diagram of the components that the Chaco Z/1 Classic Sandals are made of, as well as the materials, weight, production methods and manufacturing location associated with each.
Chart of ReChaco expansion to reuse damaged life vests
A chart detailing the proposed system of collecting damaged life vests to reuse the straps and buckles in the manufacturing of Chaco sandals and other Chaco gear.
 Impacts associated with the Chaco sandal’s inputs and outputs
The impacts associated with the inputs and outputs of the Chaco sandal with the main focuses of the project highlighted in blue.
 Process tree for the redesigned Chaco sandal
The process tree for the redesigned Chaco sandal detailing each step in the shoe’s life cycle. Sections of steps are blurred out, and covered with boxes of new steps to show how the redesign would cut down on the amount of production steps.
 The quadruple bottom line of the redesigned Chaco sandal
The quadruple bottom line of the redesigned Chaco sandal and ReChaco Services shows the improvements made regarding the planet, people, profit and time.