Re-envisioning the NYC Shoreline One Neighborhood at a Time: Beach-to-Bay Edgemere Queens

Student | James Rotondo
Faculty | Zehra Kuz
School of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture

The artery of physical protection, central to the social life, attempts to connect to the waterways on one end, delineates the existing park whereby giving away the low-lying landmass back to the nature for a future salt marsh and protecting the residential area behind. Along the way this integrated flood protection system sustains the neighborhood culture providing opportunities to generates source of income; facilities along the way activate gastronomy for guests while the facility doubles as a culinary school for the locals.

Re-envisioning life in Egdemere Queens in the future
Living with water and building community

Relying upon protection from the sand dunes the project envisioned activating the surround of the 35th street by either exaggerating topography through cut and fill or elevating the entire circulation system of the housing off the ground. Amenities such as greenhouses, playgrounds and hobby rooms were central to the microcosm of the new residential clusters while market places, recreational and educational facilities assured connectivity between old and new.