Pratt Earth Action Week
Student Work Exhibit | Spring ‘21

This collection of projects are drawn from across work being produced by students at the Institute during the Fall ‘20 and Spring ’21 semesters.

This collection of work demonstrates the depth and breadth of the work being produced around areas of sustainability. Work highlighted in this collection of student work highlights the themes of this semester’s Pratt Earth Action Week – recover, renew, reconnect.


“Out of Order” – Advocating to Eliminate Lead in NYS School Drinking Water

Student | Taylor Novick-FinderFaculty | Leonel Lima Ponce, Ira SternSchool of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment This report models and analyzes the impact of remediating NY State school drinking water outlets to a new reduced action level of 5-ppb. The data analysis explores common characteristics of school districts with high levels of […]

Ahead of the Tides: Floating Structures as a New Model of Resilience for New York City

Student | Anna Yie Faculty | Leonel Ponce, Ira Stern School Of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment This project identifies possible locations for RETI Center’s Blue City, a proposal for floating structures that reclaim waterfront industrial space, increase flood protection, provide habitat, and strengthen local and city systems through circular economy principles. […]

Air Matters

Student | Yanxin Mao Faculty | Leonel Ponce, Ira Stern School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment This project seeks to assess community needs in the fight against air pollution, evaluate monetary cost of pollutants, specifically PM 2.5, and raise public awareness in the South Bronx community by working with New York […]

Altered Carbon

Students | Nikhil Sanghvi, Donghan Kang Faculty | Ferda Kolatan, Emilija Landsbergis School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Fossil fuels vehicles have brought the planet on the brink of collapse. Our project, Altered Carbon, is set in a speculative future scenario where fossil fuel vehicles have been replaced by autonomous electric vehicles. The […]

Art & Creative Placemaking as a Means of Social Resilience During COVID-19

Student | Delaney Morris Faculty | David Burney, Leonel Lima PonceSchool of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment In a time of physical distancing during an unprecedented global pandemic, how can community survive and thrive? The arts and creative placemaking have been that thread that kept us close. In this DPC I explore […]

Bio Char

Student | Kumsal AkdoganFaculty | Ariane Lourie Harrison, Jeffrey AndersonSchool of Architecture, Graduate Architecture The project is about magnifying the presence of biochar. The focus is harvesting rainwater to produce potable water as a sustainability approach. The passive system collects and filters rainwater by using biochar tubes. The surface of the roof captures rainwater into […]

Children are Our Future: Integrating School District 23

Student | Leslie Velasquez Faculty | Jennifer Becker, Ron Shiffman School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment In 2014, New York City was found to be the most segregated school district in the United States of America. Since then, New York City Department of Education has released a report aimed at diversifying […]

Cows + Oysters

Student | Soh Hee OhFaculty | Alexandra BarkerSchool of Architecture, Graduate Architecture The project is a place to observe how what we eat is produced while promoting environmentally sustainable agriculture. It includes oyster farming, integrated laboratories and algae facilities, and livestock animals which use the land and supplement the anaerobic digester. The anaerobic digester receives […]

Dos Fabricas

Students | Maria Cecilia Concepcion, Carlos T. Acosta Perez Faculty | Dylan Baker Rice  School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design DOS FABRICAS is a proposal for an industrial structure that incorporates recycling and waste to energy facilities, together with an educational component of a public gallery. The juxtaposition between industrial processes that deal […]

Green Infrastructure Design Build Studio: Nourishing NYCHA – Building Up Brownsville: Cultivating Community

Students | Sebright Browne, Luis Diaz, PanktiMehta, Aishwarya Mukund, Joseph Dakota Pelly, Kats Tamanaha Faculty | Ray Figueroa-Reyes, Elliott Maltby, Gita Nandan School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment With NYCHA building blocks in Brownsville, BK in focus, and Green City Force and Universe City as additional clients, the project cultivates community […]

Heliomorphic Housing

Student | Ben Erickson Faculty | Lawrence Blough, Simone Giostra School of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture Heliomorphic Housing prototypes new building forms that adapt to solar energy. Rather than just solar panels on a roof, the project uses successive optimization to aggressively sculpt away at common New York City housing blocks, producing a series of domestic […]

Kraftwerk Powerhouse Queens

Students | Defu Kong, Hanqiao Chen Faculty | Gisela Baurmann School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design In both aesthetic and programmatic aspects, this project intends to reflect the moment when city infrastructures, nightlife, and nature are happening simultaneously. The project is made up of a waste treatment plant including both recycling and waste […]

Prioritizing Green Infrastructure in New York City: A Framework for Project Implementation and Co-benefits Evaluation

Student | Pankti Mehta Faculty | Leonel Ponce, Ira Stern School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment With an intent of pursuing the co-benefits of green infrastructure in order to prioritize it over other grey infrastructure technologies, this research is an inquiry on what could be an ideal way to identify, quantify […]

Public Space in LOS SITIOS Centro Habana, Cuba

Students | Simon Betsalel, Alex DeWitt, Luis Diaz, Jiajia Dou, Robie Gomez, Michael Klunder, Carolyn Levine, Ariella Levitch, Yisha SuFaculty | David Burney, Jill Hamberg, Ron ShiffmanSchool of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment The Spring 2020 Havana Studio was a partnership between the Pratt Institute Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment […]

Re-envisioning the NYC Shoreline One Neighborhood at a Time: Beach-to-Bay Edgemere Queens

Student | James RotondoFaculty | Zehra KuzSchool of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture The artery of physical protection, central to the social life, attempts to connect to the waterways on one end, delineates the existing park whereby giving away the low-lying landmass back to the nature for a future salt marsh and protecting the residential area behind. […]

Sunset Park Green Resilient Industrial District – Implementation Plan

Students | Alexandra Belyaev, Mariah Chinchilla, Aeli Gonzalez Gladstein, Gopinath Gnanakumar Malathi, April Hurley, Allegra Miccio, Kinjal Mor, Browne Sebright, Jacqueline Ting Faculty | Courtney Knapp, Juan Camilo Osorio, Leonel Lima Ponce, Ron Shiffman School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment This report was created in partnership with UPROSE to explore transformative […]

The Energy Ensemble: How Form Emerges From Environment

Student | An-yi Cheng Faculty | Lawrence Blough, Simone Giostra School of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture A solar-based design process for a mid-rise housing prototype in NYC. Form-finding algorithms based on solar radiation inform building mass and the examination of natural systems influences alternative approaches to the design of the building systems, as well as the […]

Transition is Inevitable, Justice is Not: Waterfront Governance for Equitable Climate Action

Student | Kaila WilsonFaculty | Juan Camilo Osorio, John ShapiroSchool of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment This study evaluates the community engagement and governance structure of New York City’s waterfront and highlights the leadership of environmental justice advocates who used scientific research and collective action to spotlight the critical issues that their […]

Transparent Trash: The Habituation of a Recycling and Incineration Facility

Student | Taylor McConville, David TuckerFaculty | Stephanie BayardSchool of Architecture | Graduate Architect and Urban Planning Embracing the industrial nature of the machine, this project creates a language of layering through a series of linear extrusions which combines an incineration and recycling facility with a collegiate greenhouse. Each extrusion ranges in scale from that […]


Student |Natalie Salk, Olivia Sipler School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design How do you approach the synthesis of an industrial program and community engagement? Our aim with the Weave is to lift up the existing parkscape along the river and create a dynamic roofscape that organically draws the public into the building and […]



Student | Wei Chao Faculty | Katrin Zimmerman School of Art, Jewelry Design My work aims to strike a sense of nostalgia for manga’s existing audience and to spread its core themes so more can appreciate it. Much of my memories existed because of “One Piece.” It has served as my motivation for many things […]


Re-Fit For Adventure: The Chaco Z/1 Classic Sandal

Student | Chelsea AbbeyFaculty | Daniel Penge, Kat ChoateSchool of Continuing and Professional Studies, SCPS Sustainable Design Certificate Program This project is a study of the life cycle of a Chaco sandal. To minimize the harmful impacts these shoes have on the planet and people, I have proposed expanding the brand’s ReChaco sandal repair shop […]

The Tetsu-Kyusu: Materials Analysis & Design Proposal

Student | Lisa PesokSchool of Continuing and Professional Studies In exploring the materials used to create the traditional Japanese teapot, the Tetsu-Kyusu, I found that the core materials were cast-iron and stainless steel. In trying to better understand how these materials are created, used, and re-used, I found that the creation of the materials from […]


(MELT) Clock

Student | Aryaman Giri Gundala Faculty | Amanda Huynh School of Design, Graduate Industrial Design The (MELT) clock is a product made almost entirely of waste collected from Pratt’s 3D print farm waste. Every week, we throw out tons of failed prints, supports, rafts, brims and other scrap that isn’t used in the final models […]

Air Crash Investigation

Student | Yuean Zhang School of Design, Graduate Industrial Design This project leverages biomimicry to address the problems and confusion caused by lost data recorders from airplane accidents. ‘How might we let messages be passed or preserved after an airplane has crashed in the ocean?’ Using biomimicry design methodology, the project develops a ‘black web’ […]

Aman Kyoto Office

Students | Wen-Ching Ting, Zhoushan Cai Faculty | Robert Nassar, June Park School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Aman Kyoto wants to provide employees with a working environment that has a similar atmosphere to their hotel. The goal of this project is to create an office with Aman’s aesthetic, translating its beautiful landscape and natural […]

Balanced Cure

Student | Junjiao Zhao Faculty | Gregory Bugel School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Balanced Cure offers two treatments to clients suffered from germophobia during the pandemic. One soft space is for cognitive behavior therapy, and the other rigid space for exposure therapy using VR. The two spaces with completely different atmospheres coexist as equivalents, […]

BeeLong Beehive

Students | Dawn Zeng, Audrey Ji Faculty | Amanda Hyunh School of Design, Undergraduate Industrial Design The BeeLong Beehive was designed to be a wholly bee-centric hive, in response to the many man-made beehives that prioritize efficient honey production and convenience for the human user over the needs of the honeybees The hive is to […]

Bioplastic Fishing Lures: A Solution to Fishing-induced Microplastics

Student | Ali Vedad Yuner Faculty | Jeanne Pfordresher School of Design, Undergraduate Industrial Design Soft plastic fishing lures come in packs of 8-10, and are designed to be expendable. These lures are made from Plastisol; a suspension of PVC in phthalates. Both of these chemicals are toxic to the environment, and they contribute to […]

Built Nature: Redesigning an Office Space

Students | Sarah Devotta, Utkarsha Fuller Faculty | Mauricio Lopez, Sarah Lippman  School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Miru Tomadachi is an office design with a natural appeal. The concept revolves around material selection from nature such as plants, clay, fabric and jute bound together with wood. The Green walls with wooden paneling enhance the […]

A Cave For Escapism: Integrated Wellness Center During Pandemic

Student | Tianli Gu Faculty | Suzanne SongSchool of Design, Graduate Interior Design Based on the vision of improving people’s increasingly severe mental health problems in the context of the epidemic, an integrated Covid wellness center is designed to explore the possible impact of sustainable materials on mental health. The program focuses on the immersive […]

The Chair of Waste

Student | Yuyang Tian Faculty | Caleb Crawford School of Design, Graduate Interior Design The project aims to transform and readapt wasted materials into a sitting piece in order to bring back the waste materials to the designing process. Consists of the supporting frame and the upholstery, the chair is composed of wood scraps and […]

Cloud 8

Student | Katrine Kirsebom Faculty | Anna Philip School of Design, Undergraduate Fashion Cloud 8 is an non-gendered fashion collection that explores the relationship between reality and dreams. It essentially acts as a lens through which one can see the ordinary, everyday world through a dream-like perspective. The entire collection utilizes only natural fibers (silk, […]

Covid-19 Meditative Wellness Center

Student | Gloria Refrigeri Faculty |  Tetsu Ohara School of Design, Graduate Interior Design With a holistic health care approach, the Meditative Wellness Center is designed to enhance meditative quality in space and promote personal renewal and well-being for people who suffer from symptoms of depression associated with COVID-19. Nature, as living and breathing dimension, […]

Digitized Fashion Restaurant

Student | Elena ZhouFaculty | Yoon ChangSchool of Design, Undergraduate Fashion Design With the increase in the conscious awareness and importance of a circular economy, more and more brands are focusing their businesses on sustainable fashion. Recently, eco-friendly fabric has become a hot topic. However, most of these materials are expensive and not readily accessible. […]

Ecdysis – A Cosmeceutical Plant-based Recipe – Solidified Exfoliating Cleanser

Student | Siddharth Agrawal Faculty | Jeanne Pfordresher School of Design, Undergraduate Industrial Design A skin exfoliating solidified cleansing mitt designed with a cosmeceutical plant based recipe, mimicking the compound curves of the hand and the face, contours of the body with perfect contact. The use of waste from local vendors of the community to […]

FoPat – Tackling Food Waste

Student | Anushritha Yernool Sunil Faculty | Rebecca Welz School of Design, Graduate Industrial Design FoPat is a temperature sensitive indicator for food freshness. It takes the form of a flat label or a tie around band on the fruit or vegetable. It helps you store your food at the right temperature, and reduces food […]

Habitat 375 (A Biophilic Workplace Concept)

Student | Dylan Roberts Faculty | John Otis School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Set in the historical Seagrams Building, a biophilic workplace concept provides The Agency with a creative office solution providing a sense of place reminiscent of the natural environment. The biophilic office atmosphere provides employees with refuge from the urban context of […]

Healing Beacon

Student | Seung Lee Faculty | Keena Suh School of Design, Undergraduate Interior Design By revealing the possibilities of sustainably harnessing natural resources-such as sunlight, rainwater; the goal of this design proposal is to educate the community about repair/reuse and sustainability through the collection and distribution of resources with a balance between phenomenological atmosphere and […]

The Illuminated Insertion

Student | Hao Wu Faculty | Sheryl Kasak School of Design, Graduate Interior Design The Illuminated Insertion is a wellness center for clients who are suffering from quarantine fatigue which is caused by isolation and lack of socialization. The primary treatment at this ICWC utilizes the voids of inserted partitions and color overlapping to provide visual […]

In Memoriam of Lives Lost to Covid-19

Student | Kats Tamanaha Faculty | Sheryl Kasak School of Design, Graduate Interior Design A universally accessible virtual memorial dedicated to the victims of COVID-19 that addresses mass mourning, individual grief, and mental health. The memorial is a closed-loop system of cenotaphs mapped via the international network of contagion. Visitors can travel through community clusters […]

“Interior Landscape” – The Biophilic Approach to Design

Student | Yauheniya Pryshchepnaya Faculty | Deborah Schneiderman School of Design, Graduate Interior Design The Seagram building is the site for the office of a newly formed creative consultancy THE AGENCY. An ethereal interior landscape is generated with organic and radial planning, biophilic design though real and constructed vegetation, and project materiality. The Biophilic approach to […]

Off-Grid and Underground

Student | Evam Hryshko Faculty | Kevin Walz School of Design, Undergraduate Interior Design A system of self-sustaining underground homes built from the structural skeleton of shipping containers. By reducing each home’s reliance on an unreliable supply of resources, these homes can supplement the lack of adequate infrastructure in rural communities. Designed to fit a […]

The Origins-Northern California Native American Cultural Center

Student | Ruifei Hou Faculty | Seth EmbrySchool of Design, Undergraduate Interior Design Is a reservation space for native American by utilizing the dead giant sequoia as a base structure. There will be multiple programs in the project that focuses on solving mainly three crises- wildfire; loss of culture; and lack of educational opportunities for […]

A Responsive Model of Changes in Antarctica

Student | Mujia Lin Faculty | Seth Embry School of Design, Graduate Interior Design The project looked at the causes and results of the impact of red algae in Antarctica through layering and time considerations. The drawings try to establish a layering system to show the overlapping relationships in both small scales (algae cells and […]

Vieques Community Hostel and Garden

Students | Evan Hryshko, Qian Zhu, Gwen Lu, Jingyi Liu, Xin Li Faculty | Calvert Wright  School of Design, Undergraduate Interior Design The Vieques Community Hostel and Garden is a resource for both tourists, and the island’s population. Reacting against the island’s unreliable supply of resources, the Hostel incorporates an extensive farm and greenhouse that […]

Verlumina: Bioplastic Light Diffuser

Student | Sylvia Chen Faculty | Jeanne Pfordresher School of Design, Undergraduate Industrial Design A lamp shade fabricated and dyed from renewable biomass sources, showcasing the beautiful potential of sustainable bioplastics.

Where are We?

Student | Marissa Giordano Faculty | Dean Sidaway School of Design, Undergraduate Fashion Design My thesis collection demonstrates the ways in which we can use second-hand garments and deadstock / vintage fabric in order to create something new. With the idea that textiles define the various stages of our lives, the technique of upcycling and […]


Breathing Aluminum

Student | Nina BaratelliFaculty | Michael SekorSchool of Liberal Arts and Science, Undergraduate Math and Science The process of extracting aluminum from the Earth’s crust has a higher energy cost and produces more pollutants than recycling aluminum; using found aluminum expresses the idea of upcycling materials, while the aluminum pop-tab mask ironically “protects” from inhaling […]