Pratt Earth Action Week, Spring ’21

This Spring’s Pratt Earth Action Week continued to focus on the ongoing and intersecting crises of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the racial and social justice protests that have brought into relief systemic inequalities and unsustainable systems. This Earth Action Week aligned with the creative, forward-thinking, and solutions-driven spirit of the Pratt community to focus the theme on a just, sustainable, and prosperous recovery. The Spring event’s theme is Recover, Renew, Reconnect. 

Pratt Earth Action Week Coordinators:

Carolyn Shafer
Director of Sustainability for Academic Affairs
Tessa Maffucci
Visiting Instructor, Fashion Design, School of Design
Tetsu Ohara
Adjunct Associate Professor, Interior Design & SCPS, School of Design
Eric O’Toole
Associate Professor, Graduate Communications/Package Design, School of Design
Leonel Ponce
Acting Academic Coordinator, M.Sc. in Sustainable Environmental Systems
Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment

Virtual Exhibition of Student Work

A virtual exhibition of student projects focusing on issues related to sustainability around this semsters’ theme of Recover, Renew, Reconnect.

Foundation Earth Action Week Art

A Foundation Department student exhibition, to be displayed via Milanote, for the Foundation Department and the entire Pratt community.

KEYNOTE – Dr. Anita Bakshi & Chief Vincent Mann present “Our Land, Our Stories” a collaboration with the Ramapough Lunaape Turtle Clan

Dr. Anita Bakshi presented “Our Land, Our Stories” a collaborative project with the Ramapough Lunaape Turtle Clan exploring the relationship between design and environmental justice. This event was also part of the School of Architecture’s Spring Lecture Series.

Making Sustainability Central in Design

Pratt SCPS invited prospective students and curious creatives to an online information session with our Sustainable Design Certificate program faculty.

Biomaterials at Pratt

Recent graduates from Pratt, current students, and faculty present the past, present, and future of biomaterials exploration at Pratt.

Book Talk | Red Gold: The Managed Extinction of the Giant Bluefin Tuna

The University of Minnesota Press hosted an author’s talk for the launch of Jennifer E. Telesca’s new book, RED GOLD.

Repairing the Fashion Industry

The Pratt Fashion and the student-led Sustainable Fashion Club held a panel discussion exploring recovery, renewal, and reconnection in the fashion industry.

Panel | Exploring Pratt’s Natural
Textile Dye Garden + Natural Dye Workshop

This event explored Pratt’s Natural Textile Dye Garden with a conversation led by Pratt faculty alongside textile artists and experts. It is followed by a hands-on demo with natural dyer Cara Marie Piazza with members of the student-led Sustainable Fashion Club demonstrating how to natural dye with marigold blooms.

Jam Session | In the Wake of Katrina – Equitable Disaster Planning and Community Resilience

Students discussed the long-term impacts of Hurricane Katrina and how future planning initiatives can foster more equitable recovery.

Transforming Waste into Art

Three artists presented different forms of art which are all centered around the use of waste materials and objects to create new pieces of art.

Green Jobs for a Just Recovery

LEAP and PDRN hosted brief presentations by organizations working on a green economy and just recovery – followed by focused discussions on green jobs.

Hatha Yoga for Alignment

This session offered a Hatha Yoga routine, emphasizing a Vinyasa style (Yoga sequences connected with the breath) along with a brief introduction to Yogic philosophy. All were welcome. No prior experience was necessary.

Mask Up to Fight Fracked Gas

NYPIRG Pratt held a virtual roundtable discussion with local environmental activists to discuss local racist fossil fuel projects, and how attendees could take action against them.

Elemental Meditation and Sound Healing for Self & the Planet

Meditation, sound healing, and chanting contribute to sustainability by elevating our vibrations, fostering balance and wholeness. All were welcome who are interested in cultivating effective balancing practices for self & the planet. No prior experience was necessary.

Eco-socialism Panel

This panel explored how environmental justice / sustainability aligns with political transformation and socialism.