Pratt Earth Action Week
Student Work Exhibit | Fall ‘20

This collection of projects are drawn from across work being produced by students at the Institute during the Spring and Summer ’20 semesters.

This collection of work demonstrates the depth and breadth of the work being produced around areas of sustainability. Work highlighted in this collection of student work highlights the themes of this semester’s Pratt Earth Action Week – Race, Health, and Climate.


Museum of the Anthropocene

This studio proposes locating a waste-to-energy, recycling center, ferry terminal and museum focusing on the Anthropocene.

(un)Natural Ecologies : New Natures

(un)Natural Ecologies : New Natures is a project that stems from the idea that Architecture is essentially an extension of nature into the man-made.

Altered Carbon

The project aims re-imagine the streets of the 21st century and explore the possibility of using carbon extracted from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration to develop glossy monolithic landscapes, thus reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and creating a ‘new nature’.

Dehiscent Nature

The houses along Governors Island Noland Park offer a model for developing a prototype of interiorized wilderness.

Brooklyn Plastic Hybrid

The proposed urban model consists of a civic initiative that integrates public space with an environmental consciousness through plastic recycling.

Symbiosis with the City

The Manhattan site is adjacent to the East River shoreline and the East River Park and the program is an energy-from-waste plant, with a free-diving training facility.

Recast Realities

The project emphasizes contemporary and near future speculations in design, that complement the changing social and environmental needs of present times.


Design Out Waste: Innovations for Toaster’s End of Life

This project examines a design precedent, Design Out Waste, created by The Agency of Design.

Portable Compost Trommel

A portable compost trommel facilitates the capacity of a community garden or a network of gardens to become self-sufficient in producing their own high-quality compost on-site.

Patagonia Snap-T Fleece Redesign

This project involved delving into the extraction, materials processing, and production of a product that we owned and redesigning it to be more sustainable.

Dewi Liwung: Educational Comic about Floods in Indonesia

Students | Kusbandono, Rachel Meyers, Abigail Wiantono, Chotika RakphuakFaculty | Rachel Starobinsky, Yutaka TakiuraGraduate Design Management Educating children in Indonesia to ignite sustainable behavior change about floods through storytelling using a comic. These are our thought processes in proceeding to design in an environment with low literacy but high engagement of visual media.

Project Fresh Float

This project looks at salinity intrusion in coastal Bangladesh, caused by increasingly severe flooding, cyclones, and sea-level rise.

Leveling the Field: Biodesigns Towards Food Security for Female Farmers

This project proposes two methods of sustainable design to address food spoilage that hinders the progress of female farmers in Ansongo, Mali.



‘Symbiosis’ is a capsule hotel apartment set in the Soho area of New York that introduces and educates visitors and occupants the combination of city life and urban farming.

Phase Transition

This project is an attempt to use color to represent the physical changes of water.

Filter Hut

The shelter is designed to filter the polluted air, leave clean air inside for 2-3 people to stay during the annual wildfire period.

The Space of Water

Physical bodies and physical space share a universal element: water. Physical bodies are 60% water, while spatial ones contain plumbing apparatus.

Urban Ecotopia: Vertical Cohabitation

Interior space can be appropriated for the mutual cohabitation by multiple species in the creation of a vertical urban ecosystem. 

Symbiotic Organisms – Transforming Interior Relationships Towards a New Interior Ecosystem

Shelter protects us from the elements but also separates us from the benefits that the natural ecosystem has to offer.

Trash Dialogue: Creating Environmental Integration Between Youth and Politicians

This thesis proposal relocates an abandoned building from the Staten Island Farm Colony to the United Nations Headquarters as a transplanted, and upcycled site for environmental policy change.

Wearable Space: Soft Sustainable Habitation Prototypes for Homelessness

Wearable habitations and spaces are created for homeless people through reusing discarded fabrics.

“I Shop Therefore I Am”: Negotiating the Phantasmagoria of Consumption

Informed by a desire to critique the waste and superabundance of capitalist consumer culture, this thesis project challenges the socio-cultural condition resulting from global hyper-consumerism.

Natoora NYC

We are going to extend a sustainable brand Natoora, which is a supplier of high-quality fruit and vegetables.

Air Crash Investigation

With the confusion of missing airplane accidents frequently happened from 2014, ‘How might we let messages be passed or preserved after an air crash in the ocean’ is asked.

Growing Potato with No-Till Residue Disposal and Hand Tools

No-till farming is developed since 1970s as a sustainable replacement of traditional farming, but the system is very complex and difficult to be localized.


Microplastics in our Diet

This project consists of a dinner place setting of a variety of types of seafood. The seafood is made from clear plastic bags with the outlines of the sea creatures.

Fracking – an Ecological Hazard in India

With the increasing need for energy self-sufficiency, Indian energy departments and private investors aim to embark on hydraulic fracturing within the Indian basins, specifically Cambay and Krishna-Godavari.

Closer to Geothermal

The objective of this design is to spread awareness through social media about geothermal energy, allowing the general public to acknowledge its existence and its benefits.