Patagonia Snap-T Fleece Redesign

Student | Annie Bartholomew
Faculty | Kat Choate + Dan Penge
Continuing Education, Sustainable Design

This project involved delving into the extraction, materials processing, and production of a product that we owned and redesigning it to be more sustainable.

I chose to redesign my Patagonia Snap T fleece jacket, one that has been in my family for almost 30 years. While Patagonia is known for its transparency in production and sustainable practices, I found through my research that products using synthetic textiles, particularly fleeces, have become hugely problematic in the amounts of water pollution they cause.

The product profile of the Patagonia Snap T Fleece Jacket, including the material and component breakdown and diagram of the product.
Process tree for the materials making up the Patagonia Snap T Fleece
Environmental Impacts of producing the Patagonia Snap T Fleece
Filter Efficacy in reducing Microfiber shed