Natoora NYC

Students | Rundan Zhan, Ying Qu
Faculty | Jon Otis
Interior Design, Graduate

We are going to extend a sustainable brand Natoora, which is a supplier of high-quality fruit and vegetables.

They want to shape the future of food for the better and sustainable. Each plant has its own season, with subtle shifts that happen every day. We follow flavor through these unique microseasons and divide them into three phases: Early, Peak, and Late. We combine the core idea, Early, Peak, and Late, with sustainable materials into our design.

Our concept combines the core idea Early, Peak and Late with terrace. We have self-service and Lifestyle area that selling products like tableware or organic jam etc. In the end, we have a huge market selling fruits and vegetables from sustainable farms displayed by early peak and late.
We want to keep using the idea of terrace as our concept. Also, we use the core idea early, peak and late and the shape of the logo into our design.
Natoora’s story starts from a peach, so we use peach tone and choose sustainable and natural
materials. We combine terrace and early, peak and late into construction design as we shows in the axonometric drawing and the floor plan.
We display them by early peak and late. We have 4 layers, the bottom one is for root vegetables.The second one for vegetables that are grow above the ground. The third one for fruits that are grown above the ground. And the top one for fruits that is on the tree.
In the brand experience, you can learn Natoora philosophy on this large screen. Also, here you can wash your hand and then go to the next area whether market and lifestyle or café.
It is the most intimate space in the store by using lower wood ceiling and also it is surrounded by fabric. The shape design of the center seating is also inspired by Natoora logo.
This is the exterior façade. We also offer the take out service through this window. And in brand experience we have the window display design.