MultiAquatic | The Contemporary Fountain House

School of Architecture | Graduate Architecture •
Student | Merav Gil Ad •
Faculty | Ferda Kolatan •

Water is usually a hidden element – we don’t see it until we open the faucet and don’t think where it comes from and where it goes.

This project makes water extremely visible and demonstrates how water can become an experience. Inspired by the lost tradition of decorative fountains, this contemporary version explores different water expression forms and exaggerates water elements in order to bring its presence to the public consciousness, increase its value and encourage responsible use of water.

Using the exposure method, the visitor can see exactly where the water she drinks is coming from and where it is flowing after use.

A section inside the structure demonstrates how the water undergoes a cyclical process.

The drilling well draws groundwater from the saturated area underneath the soil sublayer. As the water passes through the wall towards the roof, they undergo a filtration process. On the way down, freshwater flows to fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and ends up in the drinking fountains. Used water then reaches the irrigation system located in the basement. From there the water is distributed in a network of pipes to the extended garden.