(MELT) Clock

Student | Aryaman Giri Gundala
Faculty | Amanda Huynh
School of Design, Graduate Industrial Design

The (MELT) clock is a product made almost entirely of waste collected from Pratt’s 3D print farm waste. Every week, we throw out tons of failed prints, supports, rafts, brims and other scrap that isn’t used in the final models and instead of it just going to a landfill, I figured there was still a second life for that waste.

A first of many. Each clock would be unique.

Through the process of thermoforming with basic shop and household tools, you can now design easily scalable products that all have their own unique fingerprint based on the carcasses of student projects.

The center portion of the clock was made in a panini press for maximum rigidity and uniformity. That way I could insert the clock hands without risk of it all breaking. The outer layers were later melted on using a heat gun. Each clock shows a glimpse of what were once student projects and the colors used are proportional to the colors selected by students for their work.

Detail of clock.
Additional detail of clock.