Kraftwerk Powerhouse Queens

Students | Defu Kong, Hanqiao Chen
Faculty | Gisela Baurmann
School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

In both aesthetic and programmatic aspects, this project intends to reflect the moment when city infrastructures, nightlife, and nature are happening simultaneously.

North-East entrance daylight view
The waste treatment plant is a part of the metabolism of a city. At the same time, the nightclub is an integration of energy in the city. The Ferry station is part of the circulatory system of the city.

The project is made up of a waste treatment plant including both recycling and waste to energy programs, a nightclub, and a ferry station.

The intention of circulation design is to separate pedestrians and trucks. The truck circulations for both waste treatment programs are combined into one single route. Pedestrian circulation is above the truck route connecting the ferry station and the street.
The night club experience and incinerator are meeting up by the dancing floors. The clubbing experience is enveloped by the industrial atmosphere from the ongoing Waste treatment operations. The shell of the ferry station shroud part of the river, enhancing the relationship between the interior and East River.
The first two floors of the scheme react to the condition of the existing brick structure with public programs connecting to the city. Floors above are designed with higher floor heights enhancing the experience and communication between specific programs.
Steel ribs as the main structure are designed to support the shell of the building. On top of the building surface, lichens will be grown to help the building reflecting season changes. Blue Stained glass on the skylights is designed to enhance the sublime atmosphere of the interior.