Leaders across Pratt continue to create and support initiatives that are a model for our local and academic community. The Pratt community, through academic and institutional initiatives, is striving to build new models and systems of sustainable design, production, and operation.

Pratt Bans Plastic Water Bottle

As of January 1, 2020, Pratt Institute, in collaboration with AVI Fresh, has banned all single-use plastic water bottles from the Brooklyn campus. The administration worked with students to discontinue the sale of plastic bottles and increase the quantity of filling stations across campus. The initiative was started by Pratt Envirolutions, the Institute’s sustainability club, in 2018, when students collected over 1000 signatures of supportive Pratt Community members.

“This ban proves that when enough students speak their minds, academic leadership and facilities respond. This is a great example of what is to come in the future for sustainability at Pratt. We also see great engagement from Pratt’s leadership around environmental consciousness. So these positive changes are happening both bottom-up and top-down.”
– Tetsu Ohara