In Memoriam of Lives Lost to Covid-19

Student | Kats Tamanaha
Faculty | Sheryl Kasak
School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

A universally accessible virtual memorial dedicated to the victims of COVID-19 that addresses mass mourning, individual grief, and mental health. The memorial is a closed-loop system of cenotaphs mapped via the international network of contagion. Visitors can travel through community clusters on the ground plane, hover above to view large swaths of the map at once, or locate the specific cenotaph of their loved one and occupy it to engage in a private, therapeutic experience.

The nature of a global contagion network map of a pandemic is that it wraps around itself and connects, such that the interior experience of the virtual space is a self-contained loop: visitors can keep walking seemingly forever, as though traveling over the face of the globe.

The memorial can be entered at various points across the ‘map’ depending on the visitor’s geographic location or chosen cluster.
Cenotaph heights are determined by the patient’s age, where 6 months of life = 1” of height.
The cenotaphs change from translucent to opaque when occupied, changing the visual landscape with visitor interaction.
The interior of the cenotaph functions as a therapeutic skyscape where the visual passage of time is controlled by the occupant. This visual shows the experience happening in an at-home alternative.