‘Healzo’ Breakfast Revolution

School of Design | Graduate Communications Design | Packaging, Identities and Systems Design •
Student | Sally Jeong Won Hwang •
Faculty | Alisa Zamir •

Healzo is the “breakfast revolution”, where not only the product and all product extensions are healthy and organic, also all packaging materials are natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Breakfast table with Healzo

Healzo, a new design system, offers a quick and nutritious oatmeal set that suits our lifestyle. There are organic oats, dried blueberries, mixed nuts, oats milk powder, and honey drops, and they do not require refrigeration. Once customers purchase this Healzo product extension, they can refill the product with the store dispenser.

Healzo packaging structure
Healzo offers several products to make customers’ unique breakfast. It is possible to refill the products, so people can continuously reuse the Healzo packages. To consider every day’s different nutritious breakfast, there are numerous ways to create packages. Depending on how people want to make their breakfast, the packages also change with the products.