Fracking – an Ecological Hazard in India

Student | Rohan Subramaniam
Faculty | Ashley Bales
School of Liberal Arts and Science, Department of Math and Science

With the increasing need for energy self-sufficiency, Indian energy departments and private investors aim to embark on hydraulic fracturing within the Indian basins, specifically Cambay and Krishna-Godavari.

With the information and research done on fracking proving that this is a highly destructive process for local ecology, my project aims to protest and build a symbol that can be used in different forms of protest. I hand-stitched a t-shirt from old linens and embroidered the symbol as a primary process. In the future, I hope social media, real-world protests, and campaigns to appropriate the symbol and use it for information dissemination and recognizing the protest.

This image shows a t-shirt in hand-stitched linen, forming a wearable protest. The symbol is what I wish to put forward by wearing the t-shirt in daily life, niche environments and protests. The embroidered symbol represents a withering tree whose branches mimic the fracturing caused by hydraulic fracturing.
I hand-stitched and hope to embroider a similar pattern on other t-shirts. The second one I made was hand-dyed with natural dyes to mimic the shale rock’s color washing over capitalist ideas of Mickey mouse. And other images show how this symbol can be used for protests or information dissemination.