FoPat – Tackling Food Waste

Student | Anushritha Yernool Sunil
Faculty | Rebecca Welz
School of Design, Graduate Industrial Design

FoPat is a temperature sensitive indicator for food freshness. It takes the form of a flat label or a tie around band on the fruit or vegetable. It helps you store your food at the right temperature, and reduces food waste by indicating when your food actually spoils, unlike the uncertain expiry date labels.

The label is a color indicator for the freshness of food. The label reacts with the gases produced by the fruits and vegetables to change color from fresh orange to past best red. It is a food freshness indicator. This color indicating film gradually disintegrates to reveal a bumpy layer below. The tactile sensation indicates the expiry of food. Therefore, this label is also suitable for the visually impaired users. The other half of the label contains information about the barcode and origin of the produce. It also contains a NFC sensor to enable smartphone readings.
The other half is a peel off label which can be further lifted to reveal an underside information section. The underside provides valuable education about the fruit or vegetable.
This label replaces the existing label that is seen on fruits and vegetables in the retail stores. It does not overpower the surface of the fruit or vegetable. This design is meant to improve the technology and develop an active label that can : – Tackle food waste by providing a better and a direct date label mechanism. – Change consumer behavior by providing a playful underside information fold out and further build our connection with food.