Filter Hut

Students | Yu Yuan, Ying Duan, Yongyan Li, Jiwon Shin
Faculty | Tetsu Ohara
Interior Design, Graduate

The shelter is designed to filter the polluted air, leave clean air inside for 2-3 people to stay during the annual wildfire period.

The airflow in the ant nest inspired us to create a temperature difference in the interior space to increase airflow. The burrow hole inspired us to design openings in different positions to create passive ventilation by altering air pressure.

Our team focuses on air pollution caused by annual wildfire in Australia. In order to solve
this problem, we would like to provide indoor shelter with the function of filtering air. The
shelter would offer local people a safe space and better air quality to stay during wildfire
The top view shows the interior space of the filter hut. The wood inner circle
represents the seating area of the filter hut.
The exploded image shows the structure and material of the filter hut.
The filter hut can contain 2-3 people, the section also shows the filter system
located under the seating area.