Entropic Playspace

Students | Beren Saraquse, An-Yi Cheng
Faculty | Ane Gonzalez Lara
School of Architecture, Undergraduate

In response to the changes that Far Rockaway has faced through natural disasters and battles against gentrification in the neighborhood, Entropic Playspace is a subversive reassertion of familiarity and a celebration of cultural revival within an increasingly divided area.

Sitting lightly on the site, equipped with sheltering structures, and injected with playful serendipity, Entropic Playspace is a host for the neighborhood’s growing networks, one that takes none and earnestly gives all to its community.

On a day to day basis, the community center has a ground floor, unconditioned market area that hosts and promotes community-driven activities that foster and maintain the Arverne
neighborhood. Even when disaster hits, the center converts into a shelter, still standing to support the community.
Entropic Playspace is a way for the neighborhood’s residents to reassert their culture around the site, and adopts a resilient and familiar spirit that relentlessly serves the public.
The community center serves the administration, responds to the community as a food
concentrated program, and is inspired by the playful perspectives of children.
Three distinctly programmed spaces in the first section allow for designated spaces that function on definitive conditions. The second section suggests a fluid and diverse space that hosts multiple activities.
Entropic Playspace functions sustainably and resiliently, implementing a vertical closed loop
system, rainwater collection, green roof planting, and solar energy collection.