Ecdysis – A Cosmeceutical Plant-based Recipe – Solidified Exfoliating Cleanser

Student | Siddharth Agrawal
Faculty | Jeanne Pfordresher
School of Design, Undergraduate Industrial Design

A skin exfoliating solidified cleansing mitt designed with a cosmeceutical plant based recipe, mimicking the compound curves of the hand and the face, contours of the body with perfect contact.

The image shows the detailed compound curve of the product and the material texture.
Ecdysis has a really interesting profile which shows off most of the USP’S of the product i.e. the compound curve which makes sure it fits on the hand and sits on the face perfectly made with exploring concave and convex planes out of the dried clay based bioplastic with glycerine, Agar agar, water, turmeric and coir fibre (treated to be a perfect fit for the form and the texture) acting as the exfoliator with the base product. All of these ingredients were cooked together and then dried, cut, shaped and sewed with an organic blend to achieve the final product.

The use of waste from local vendors of the community to treat the skin in the best possible way while helping the planet’s water bodies. Ecdysis provides its users with a low lather product while cleaning the face thoroughly with its healing properties while fostering the social fabric of the community and moving towards circularity.

Ecdysis at a glance.
Ecdysis at a glance.