Design Out Waste: Innovations for Toaster’s End of Life

Student | Annie Tempest
Faculty | Kat Choate, Dan Penge
School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Sustainability Certificate

This project examines a design precedent, Design Out Waste, created by The Agency of Design. 

This precedent sought to create a more sustainable toaster by focusing on the end of life of the appliance. The product was three speculative toaster designs: The Optimist, Pragmatist, and Realist. After learning about this project, I focused on how to transform it from speculative objects to real design systems, by thinking through the entire lifecycle of each toaster.

A visual brainstorm of the possible lifecycle of The Pragmatist toaster model, including questions to help create a more sustainable, user-friendly, and viable alternative to current toasters.
An Introduction to the Design Out Waste design precedent.
The evolution of the problem and solutions that inspired these speculative toaster designs. 
The Pragmatist personality: How this toaster is for a specific consumer who will untap its sustainable end of life design.
The Pragmatist design details: A unique design to celebrate its module structure and ease of repair.
Design Out Waste Quadruple Bottom Line: Are these toaster designs doing enough to create sustainable prosperity?