Dehiscent Nature

Students | Xiaoyang Ye, Bhaumik Shah
Faculty | Ariane Lourie Harrison, Nate Hume
School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

The houses along Governors Island Noland Park offer a model for developing a prototype of interiorized wilderness. 

In this period of the pandemic, we have transformed the service core into a source of ecological services: fresh air, light, and glimpses of nature itself, to address situations of isolation, in which access to nature becomes limited.

In a future scenario, we envisage the “natural” plan system overtaking the confines of walls: vents and cracks penetrate walls in an uncanny and violent way, as nature, even in a highly artificial condition, nevertheless breaks out of human confines. 
The life-sustaining system concealed in walls is exaggerated to dominate the whole house.
“Nature” is translated into a series of functions able to sustain plant matter for maintaining air quality and food production.
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How I learned to stop worrying and live along with non-humans.