Cows + Oysters

Student | Soh Hee Oh
Faculty | Alexandra Barker
School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture

The project is a place to observe how what we eat is produced while promoting environmentally sustainable agriculture. It includes oyster farming, integrated laboratories and algae facilities, and livestock animals which use the land and supplement the anaerobic digester. The anaerobic digester receives food waste from the surrounding neighborhood, returning it back as usable electricity in an educational demonstration of using existing ecological systems to support industry and to embrace the negative externalities of Industry City to encourage sustainable systems.

Views of Cow and Oyster facility along water near Brooklyn Army Terminal.

The oyster farming is a contained system with water pumped from the harbor, through the building and to the back where they are stored, with the algae food supply stored in pipe, acting as wall system. Meanwhile out front, the cows enjoy the sunset views while they graze, and can freely return to the barn to sleep or to socialize while waiting in the line to use the robotic milking machine.

Section + Program diagram