Covid-19 Meditative Wellness Center

Student | Gloria Refrigeri
Faculty |  Tetsu Ohara
School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

With a holistic health care approach, the Meditative Wellness Center is designed to enhance meditative quality in space and promote personal renewal and well-being for people who suffer from symptoms of depression associated with COVID-19. Nature, as living and breathing dimension, plays an important role in creating both spatial and visual connection. The space becomes a sensorial experience, an opportunity to meet and reconnect with others through the principals of biophilic design. 

In order to promote a healthy environment that reduces stress and improve comfort and productivity, multiple skylights and corresponding openings on each of the two floors are designed, providing throughout the space direct natural lighting and additional anti-viral filtrated natural ventilation. 

Triple pane glasses and seaweed insulation improve the energy efficiency, while the sustainable materials, contribute to a healthier living.
The office is integrated in a garden area. The staircase becomes a public space used as forum or everyday meetings.
Designed to be versatile, it allows small communities to form. A wooden structure transcends the floors, encouraging occupants to socialize. 
The meditation room, wrapped with a living breathing “veil”, further investigate the implied connection of nature, well-being and meditation.