Cloud 8

Student | Katrine Kirsebom
Faculty | Anna Philip
School of Design, Undergraduate Fashion

Cloud 8 is an non-gendered fashion collection that explores the relationship between reality and dreams. It essentially acts as a lens through which one can see the ordinary, everyday world through a dream-like perspective. The entire collection utilizes only natural fibers (silk, cotton canvas, wool, etc.) and natural dyes such as cabbage, cochineal, osage, and indigo. Any non-natural fabrics are vintage and repurposed. Additionally, this project aims to create long-lasting clothing that can be passed down to future generations; this longevity allows for less clothing and textile waste in our landfills.

“Cloud 8” A self-portrait by Katrine Kirsebom
Sitting on a hand, Flea, one of the muses for Cloud 8 is an angel, nearly in heaven, but not quite reaching Cloud 9, stuck on Cloud 8.

Kellen wears a silk and twill skirt naturally dyed using cabbage and cochineal, along with a rough draft of what will be a corset created from cabbage-dyed denim and a 1970s tea towel. He faces himself in reflection.
This is the lineup for the full collection, which will be completely created and finished in fabrics in the three-dimensional form.