Built Nature: Redesigning an Office Space

Students | Sarah Devotta, Utkarsha Fuller
Faculty | Mauricio Lopez, Sarah Lippman 
School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

Miru Tomadachi is an office design with a natural appeal. The concept revolves around material selection from nature such as plants, clay, fabric and jute bound together with wood. The Green walls with wooden paneling enhance the interior landscape and control the internal atmosphere. The color scheme is inspired by the environment; hence it is neutral colors with a touch of green and beige. The ambience of the space is tranquil, submerged in nature. 

The space is an overview of materials that are used in its own natural state. The uncut wood overlaid with greenery takes the individual inhabiting the space into an area of built nature.
Furniture selected and custom made with materials such as jute and linen. The organic texture and composition add a variety of neutral tones to the space.
Mango wood used in its raw organic form exhibits striations of varied color. The wood is used as an uncut or unpolished cut plank on walls, wall cladding and furniture.
The layering of weightless materials used as wall claddings, or ceiling suspensions represent the natural form of wood as a tree.