BeeLong Beehive

Students | Dawn Zeng, Audrey Ji
Faculty | Amanda Hyunh
School of Design, Undergraduate Industrial Design

The BeeLong Beehive was designed to be a wholly bee-centric hive, in response to the many man-made beehives that prioritize efficient honey production and convenience for the human user over the needs of the honeybees

Various properties of wild beehives, top bar hives, and Slovenian AZ hives were hybridized into the design. The body is concrete with mobile pieces made of wood.

The hive is to be placed in the Hattie Carthan Community Garden in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, so that the bees may provide for the community while the community also takes care of them.

Detail shot of top layer frames
03: The frames in the top layer of the beehive are designed after the top bar hive. They are foundationless, meaning the bees build on the frame bars as they deem fit rather than on wax foundations already put on there
Storyboard instruction for hive keys
Storyboard instruction for hive keys
This is a storyboard of how to use the hive keys. The keys act as frame handles, a smoke hole cap, and a frame rack.