Beautiful Withering

School of Design | Communications Design | Illustration •
Student | Xinyi Yang •
Faculty | Lynne Foster •

Biodiversity loss is a sustainability problem. The monarch butterfly is one of the creatures that has disappeared in recent years because of climate change, pesticide, and severe weather events. This is a disaster of biodiversity and sustainability. Farmers like to use pesticides to protect plants and crops, but these pesticides have harmed the butterfly population. That is why the title is: Flowers bloomed, BUT they fall.

Beautiful Withering, 2021. Digital Illustration on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

This digital illustration of Beautiful Withering depicts the disaster of the monarch butterfly due to human behavior. Flowers flourish with bright colors but the monarchs, who need these plants to survive, die from exposure to the herbicides and lose their light forever. These flowers are attractive and have individual beauty, but they are illustrated blooming upside down. The butterfly gradually flows down from the plants, settled on the ground, and unable to flap their wings forever. Their bodies are trapped by herbicide water, and above them are flowers they can never return to. Behind the beauty is the loss of life. This is an exposition on the actions of humans who deliberately pursue the beauty of plants at the expense of butterfly life. The illustration is a combination of halftone brushes, roughen lines, stylized glow, and bright color palette using Illustrator and Photoshop.