Balanced Cure

Student | Junjiao Zhao
Faculty | Gregory Bugel
School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

Balanced Cure offers two treatments to clients suffered from germophobia during the pandemic. One soft space is for cognitive behavior therapy, and the other rigid space for exposure therapy using VR. The two spaces with completely different atmospheres coexist as equivalents, connecting each other while maintaining a subtle balance. Quarantine often leads to extreme emotions, but balance and coexistence implies that your anxieties are reasonable. We don’t always have to compromise and blend.

View from the entrance of the wellness center. You can see the entrances to the two therapies balanced to your left and right, independent of each other while connected in the distant light.
Floor plan of the 12th floor.
Floor plan of the 11th floor.
Light and Circulation of the wellness center. 
Looking at the loop area on the 12th floor.
Looking at the relaxation area on the 11th floor.