Arcadia Automata

School of Architecture | Graduate Architecture •
Students | James Nanasca, Samuel Diaz •
Faculty | Stephanie Bayard •

Focused on geological-driven urbanism, the project is located at Kent Street in Brooklyn Navy Yards, meeting the water in Wallabaout Bay claiming panoramic views of Manhattan. As the site is rich with industrial and marine architectural typology, the project centers its main function as a Waste-to-Energy, recycling, and greenhouse building. As a self-sustainable structure, the project takes upon a monolithic approach with a combined rock formation – metal paneling structure that integrates and embeds itself on its site and context aiming to repurpose the New York City’s dense pilled up waste and transform it into energy to power up its adjacent communities. Using Casting as a departure point, we study the material effect: of wax, dye, color, and texture to in-form our massing and program strategy. We, therefore, uncovered textures of rock-like formations, with the interlocking of monolithic masses through the wax, and the amplification of geometry and texture through coloration. This informed our programmatic strategy of a high-contrast aggregate that privileged the public programs, but supercharged the machine programs

Chunk model of WTE reactor gas filtration system and integrated greenhouse.

Unearthed chunk model of WTE gas filtration system. The gases travel from the main front building turbines to be processed in the reactor and treated to be released through the stacks. The WTE closed-loop water system redirects the heat gain from the turbine’s high pressure to low pressure water vapor in order to supply energy and sustain the greenhouse towers that vertically run across the building.

Shot from the water, fog occluding the Waste-To-Energy Facility. Boats are in the foreground of the water. Weathered steel and copper façade that has holograms displaying our recycling statistics, and advertisements.
Exterior media façade from Wallabout Bay – Situated along Wallabout Bay, Arcadia Automata displays its Media façade showing the building’s recycling performance statistics, and advertisements for the building’s passive income.