Aman Kyoto Office

Students | Wen-Ching Ting, Zhoushan Cai
Faculty | Robert Nassar, June Park
School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

Aman Kyoto wants to provide employees with a working environment that has a similar atmosphere to their hotel. The goal of this project is to create an office with Aman’s aesthetic, translating its beautiful landscape and natural environment into a modern office setting. Combining Japan’s tradition, the design utilizes the choice of furniture and finishes to bring the exterior into the interior, creating a comfortable and calming atmosphere.

The lobby is designed with a wood slat ceiling, combining with recessed wall grazer that emphasizes the pattern of the onyx wall. At the exhibition area, the LED sheet behind the Japanese flower arrangement projects the silhouette on the linen canvas, mimicking the view through a traditional Japanese House’s shoji window.

The furniture and material selection reflects the surrounding culture of the site.
Lighting study of the magic box with images reflecting Aman’s atmosphere.
Materials and finishes of the office create a welcoming atmosphere and easy to sustain in a working environment.
Lighting is designed with a revolutionary reflector in borosilicate glass that offers light efficiency of up to 95%.