Altered Carbon

Students | Donghan Kang, Nikhil Sanghvi
Faculty | Ferda Kolatan, Emilija Landsbergis
School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

 The project aims re-imagine the streets of the 21st century and explore the possibility of using carbon extracted from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration to develop glossy monolithic landscapes, thus reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and creating a ‘new nature’. 

 We created an ecosystem of machines that together perform a ‘ballet’ where the machines form, carve, and sculpt the carbon gardens and the autonomous vehicles zip by the streets, while humans, mostly tangential, can experience this ever-changing and dynamic landscape.

The project experimented with material and texture studies to create textures mimicking carbon rocks and to develop geometrical surfaces for the gardens. The project also looked at the potentials and limitations of the machinic technology carving the carbon rocks and overlaid them on the textures obtained through the material studies.
Project preview
Hall street – chunk view
Garden One – chunk view
Garden One – Growing
Garden Two – Surface Texture