Pratt Sustainability Center

The Pratt Sustainability Center serves as a physical and virtual hub for Pratt’s commitment to educate environmentally and socially responsible citizens. The Center’s core mission is to coordinate and develop resources to further integrate sustainability into the academic experience of all Pratt students. 

During the 2018/2019 academic year, Pratt underwent its latest Strategic Planning Process. Our new Strategic Plan clearly articulates the unique role that artists, designers, and architects play in developing solutions to the major societal threats that climate change poses.  

“Engage critically and creatively with contemporary and near-future issues of socio-ecological urgency, prioritizing the sustainability of humanity, culture, and the environment. As artists, architects, designers, thinkers, critics, and curators of our culture, Pratt students will go on to shape the world in which we live, and our aim is to empower them through agile programs that anticipate a radically changing world. To train and nurture tomorrow’s leaders, we will support and incentivize faculty research and student experimentation related to socio-ecological futures, with attention to opportunities at the graduate level. In addition, we will create a curriculum that engages the Fourth Industrial Revolution, bringing together the physical, digital, and biological realms of knowledge and practice. Finally, we will develop the campus as a living laboratory in which students and faculty engage with and advance various models of sustainability.”

The Pratt Sustainability Center plays a key role in realizing this goal. It coordinates campus-wide sustainability organizations including the Departmental Sustainability Coordinators, The Sustainability Coalition, and the Pratt Sustainability Committee. Through these organizations, the Center supports Pratt’s bi-annual sustainability weeks, Pratt Earth Action Week. We help to facilitate the use of Pratt’s campus as a living laboratory linking the classroom to campus sustainability initiatives. The Pratt Sustainability Center runs GIVETAKE, the art material reuse program on campus, and houses a materials research center that supports faculty, students, and alumni in the integration of sustainability into their professional lives.

Contact Info:

Carolyn Shafer
Director of Sustainability for Academic Affairs
office: 718-399-4281


200 Willoughby Ave
Engineering Building, Room 001
Brooklyn, NY 11205


Mon – Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Pratt Sustainability Center’s physical location is closed. We remain available and are committed to supporting the Pratt community virtually until we are able to welcome visitors back in person.