School of Design | Graduate Communications Design | Packaging, Identities and Systems Design •
Student | Sally Jeong Won Hwang •
Faculty | Alisa Zamir •

3355 is a conceptual retail experience that combines traditional architecture with contemporary design forms. This includes modern typography and packaging solutions. This 3355 exclusive alcohol and dish are made of recyclable ceramic materials and are designed to be refilled at 3355.

Image of 3355 Korean mass culture library
3355 Korean mass culture library exterior. This youth-oriented mass culture library is a mix of traditional natural building materials and form in combination with vivid typography. Historically, in Korea, most buildings are made of wood with tiled roofs. This traditional, eco-friendly building form is reinterpreted to appeal to the young.
These are graphic posters for the 3355. By using the dynamic typography movement, the posters indicate that the sustainability design is moving into our culture and young generation.